Label Title Artist Reference
? the palms 1 Emerson Lake & Palmer 3-180
? the palms 2 Emerson Lake & Palmer 3-181
20th century Nite city Nite City 6370 258
20th century Rubicon Rubicon 6370 268
20th century Triple « S » connection Triple S Connection T597M597BS
A & M Stingray Cocker Joe 27 145 XOT
A&M Booker T. & Priscilla Booker T & Priscilla 85 717 XT
A&M Brasil 86 Mendes Sergio 395135
A&m broken rainbows D’Abo Mike AMLS 63634
A&M Communication Hookfoot SP-4380
A&M Creation Pappalardi Felix & Creation SP 4586
A&M Crime of the century Supertramp AMLS 68258
A&M Crime of the century Supertramp 88122 XOT
A&M Criminal record Wakeman Rick AMLK 64660
A&M Crisis, What crisis Supertramp 89651 XOT
A&M Diamond nights Hummingbird AMLH 64661
A&M Down at Rachel’s place D’Abo Mike 86 209 IT
A&M Even in the quietest moments Supertramp 28600 XOT
A&M Extraction Wright Gary 85 093 IT
A&M Footprint Wright Gary 85 571 IT
A&M Humblie Pie Humble Pie AML 986
A&M Hummingbird Hummingbird SP-4536
A&M Journey to the centre of the earth Wakeman Rick 87 745 IT
A&M La Booga Rooga Fairweather Low Andy AMLH 68328
A&M Leon Russel Russel Leon AMLS 982
A&M Lisztomania Wakeman Rick SP 4546
A&M No earthly connection Wakeman Rick AMLK 64583
A&M Paradise theater Styx AMLK 63719
A&M Performance Humble Pie 85 726 XT
A&M performs Rick Wakeman Royal Philharmonic Orchestra AMLH 68447
A&M Rhapsodies Wakeman Rick AMLX 68508
A&M rich man woman Brooks Elkie AMLH 64554
a&M running al night lion amlh 64755
A&M Smokin’ Humble Pie 86 034 IT
A&M somethings never change kubinec david AMP-6040
A&M Teaser and the Firecat Stevens Cat Sp 4313
A&M The best of paul williams Williams Paul AMLH 64543
A&M The myths and legends of king arthur Wakeman Rick AMLH 64515
A&M The six wives of henry VIII Wakeman Rick AMLH 64361
A&M Train of thought Forman Mitchel LP 370201-1
A&M Two days away Brooks Elkie AMLH 68409
A&M Watching my life go by Hedges Michael LP 370 303-1
A&M We can’t go on meeting like this Hummingbird AMLH68383
A&M White rock Wakeman Rick 28 333 XOT
A&M Wings Colombier Michel AMLH 635053
A&M Inside the fire Coolidge Rita AMLX 65003
Abbey tavern production traditional ballads Abbey tavern singers atp 02
ABC A hard core package Mayall John 25 237 XOT
ABC Levon Helm & the RCO all-stars Helm Levon & RCO All-Stars 25 599 XOT
ABC Seed of memory Reid Terry ABCD 935
ABC Records Love is all around Burdon Eric & War ABCL 5207
Accord Folie douce Laffaille Gilbert ACV 130 046
Accord Kaléidoscope Laffaille Gilbert ACV 130 013
Accord Live in Chatou Laffaille Gilbert ACV130 024
Accord Nettoyage de printemps Laffaille Gilbert ACV 130001
Accord Nettoyage de printemps Laffaille Gilbert ACV 130001
acorn turning to <you Face to face AC001
Activ Rire… boire et chanter Barbey Bob LP 2507
Affinity National health National Health AFF 6
Allegiance Crossfire Davis Spencer ALE 5603
America My favorite quintet Mingus Charles AM 6105
America Orgue vol.2 Louiss Eddy AM 6132
American clavé Desire develops an edge Hanrahan Kip 1009LP/1008EP
American clavé Lockwoods! Lockwood Didier, Lockwood Francis AM 6162
Anchor Five-a-side Ace ANCL 2001
Anchor John Weider Weider John ANCL 2018
Anchor No strings Ace XOT 28486
Antiles Special identity Brackeen Joanne AN 1001
Antilles Elements Egan Mark / Gottlieb Danny AN 1017
Apache Débranche Gall France 240367-1
Apple Living in the material world Harrison George PAS 10006
Apple Postcard Hopkin Mary apcor5
Arc you don’t need to be irish … toenjoy an eveing with.. Abbey tavern singers ACM 5005
Archive of folk music Django Reinhardt Reinhardt Django FS-212
Argo Pictures at an exhibition Jones Philip Brass Ensemble ZRG 885
argo the amorous muse maccoll ewan & peggy seeger DA 84
argo the world of maccoll ewan & peggy seeger spa 102
argo the world of the yetties yetties SPA 436
argo the world of vol. 2 maccoll ewan & peggy seeger spa 216
argo yetminster yetties zda 168
Ariola Cadmium Sky 205 885
Ariola Last drive Burdon Eric’s Fire Department 202 800
Ariola Like the river La Seine 27 922 XOT
Ariola Love beach Emerson Lake & Palmer 200 249-320
Ariola Over the top Powel Cozy ARL 5038
Ariola Sky Sky ARLH 5022
ariola somewhere in Afrika Manfred Mann’s Earthband 205 077 320
Ariola The creeper Webb Stan’s Chicken Shack 25 891 XOT
Ariola Watch out Barrabas 27 682 XOT
Arista Acupuncture Burlesque ARTY 151
Arista Baby grand Baby Grand AB 4148
Arista Bandit Bandit ARTY 148
Arista Better by far Caravan 1c064-99089
Arista Body english Urbaniak Michal AL 4086
Arista Breck brothers Brecker Brothers AL 4037
Arista Cream City Aalon Al-4127
Arista Fuel Young Larry’s Fuel AL 4051
Arista Go too Yamash’ta Stomu C064-99228
Arista Gravity G Kenny 207 120
Arista Greatest hits Showaddywaddy ARTY 145
Arista Live at Montreux Sidran Ben AB4218
Arista Midnight train Dudziak Ursula AL 4132
Arista Not a little girl anymore Lewis Linda ARTY 109
Arista Promises of the sun Moreira Airto AL 4116
Arista Radio Ethiopia Smith Patti Group 2C068-98283
Arista Something to remember Fancy C062 96853
Arista Szobel Szobel AL 4058
Arista tha Alpha Band Alpha Band 698
Arista The lion and the ram Corryell Larry AL 4108
Arista The movies Movies AL 4085
Arista the statue makers of Hollywood Alpha Band AB 4179
Arista Wings of love Nova SPARTY 1021
Asylum Black sheep Hammer AS 53 089
Asylum Hammer Hammer 6E 232
Asylum Hasten down the wind Ronstadt Linda K 53045
Asylum Simple Dreams Ronstadt Linda AS 53 065
ATCO Faithful friends New York Rock & Roll Ensemble SD 33-294
ATCO Happy to meet, sorry to part Horslips SD 7030
ATCO Mahoney’s last stand Wood Ronnie & Lane Ronnie ATL 50 308
ATCO Métamorphosis Iron butterfly 503.054
ATCO Near the bginning Vanilla Fudge SD 33-278
ATCO The beat goes on Vanilla Fudge SD 33-237
ATCO Black oak arkansas Black oak Arkansas SD 33-354
ATCO Dada Dada SD 33-352
ATCO Restrictions Cactus SD-33-377
Atlantic Allman Bros/Idlewild south Allman Brothers ATL 60070
Atlantic Alone at last Burton Gary SD 1598
Atlantic Anvil chorus Kids K 50143
Atlantic Awakening Walden Narada Michael SD-19222
Atlantic Bang James Gang ATL 50028
Atlantic Beginnings Howe Steve ATL 50151
Atlantic Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash 40 033
Atlantic Dancing disco Gall France 50364
Atlantic Distances between us Wagner Adrian K50082
Atlantic Don’t stop me now Kühn Joachim Band ATL 50623
Atlantic Double vision Foreigner ATL 50476
Atlantic Enigmatic ocean Ponty Jean-Luc ATL 50 409
Atlantic Eternal baroque Gruntz George 50 074
Atlantic Expanding head band Tonto SD 18123
Atlantic First light Familly of Mann ATL 50084
Atlantic Fish out of water Squire Chris K 50203
Atlantic Foreigner Foreigner K 50356
Atlantic Garden of delight Walden Narada Michael SD-18199
Atlantic Going for the one Yes K 50379
Atlantic Hush ‘n’ thunder Lateef Yusef ATL 40472
Atlantic I cry, I smile Walden Narada Michael SD-19141
Atlantic Inner conflicts Cobham Billy ATL 50475
Atlantic Live on tour in europe Cobham Billy/Duke George Band K 50316
Atlantic Memphis underground Mann Herbie SD 1522
Atlantic Old soldier never die Heads hands & feet K 40465
Atlantic Olias of Sunhillow Anderson Jon SD 18180
Atlantic Playmates Small Faces ATL 50 375
Atlantic Ramatam Ramatam ATL 50415
Atlantic Ramshackled White Alan ATL 50 217
Atlantic Ready or not Gramm Lou 781 728-1
Atlantic Rio highlife Slagle Steve 81657-1
Atlantic River Reid Terry ATL 40340
Atlantic Snow in the desert Kühn Joachim ATL 50718
Atlantic Songs for beginners Nash Graham 40237
Atlantic Super mann Mann Herbie ATL 50569
Atlantic The art of Roland Kirk Kirk Roland ATL 60042
Atlantic The bass Vitous Miroslav ATL 30 024
Atlantic The evolution of mann Mann Herbie ATL 60 020
Atlantic The first seven days Hammer Jan ATL 50184
Atlantic Throb Burton Gary SD 1531
Atlantic Tormato Yes ATL 50 518
Atlantic Upside down Stern Mike 781 656-1
Atlantic Yessongs Yes SD 3-100
Atlantic Yesterdays Yes ATL 50 048
Avenue The Hanging of Samuel Hall Chalker Bryan’s New Frontier AVE 071
B.P. Discoteca n° 1 Various artists 23.087
Bacillus Omega III Omega BAC 2030
Bacillus Wyoming Wyoming 6494 010
Barclay Lee Oskar Lee Oskar 900503
Barclay Greatest hits Hendrix Jimi 921 020
Barclay In the west Hendrix Jimi 80 448
Barclay Mach 2 Scott Rhoda 920 350 T
Barclay Nuit d’amour Lavilliers Bernard BA611 200.255
Barclay Solitaire d’abord Charlebois Robert 800.5
Barclay The montreux blues festival Various artists 920 439
Barclay Winds of change Burdon Eric & Animals 820171
Barclay Stars Stars XBLY 90038
Barn Before we were so rudely interrupted Original Animals 2365 106
BBC folk in worship Scott Dana & Crown Folkk rec 58 m
Bearsville Nightshift Foghat BR 6962
Bearsville Todd Rundgren’s utopia Rundgren Todd’s Utopia BEA 55 501
Bell Listen to the band Glitter Band BELLS 259
Bellaphon …move on Virgo BAC 2065
Bellaphon Getting our thing together MC Duff Brother Jack BJS 4012
Bellaphon Journey to the centre of the eye Nektar BLPS 19064
Bellaphon with Mick Taylor Sirkel & Co BBS 2522
Bellaphon Yancey Yancey Celia BLPS 19250
Big Beat Luv’ Taylor Vince BB 804
Black hawk The touch Stewart Jimmy BKH 50301
Black Saint Common goal String Trio of New York BSR 0058
Black-hawk See how it feels Brubeck Chris, Dan & Laverne and BKH 51401
Blue note Asante Tyner Mc Coy BST84445I
Blue note Carnival of the spirits Santos Moacir BNLA 463-G
Blue note Funky snake foot Mouzon Alphonze BST 84 444
Blue note Maestro Santos Moacir BST 84425 K
Blue note Magic touch Jordan Stanley 1A064 24 0309
Blue note Nexus Harris Gene BNLA 519-G
Blue note Waiting Hutcherson Bobby BN-LA 615-G
Blue Sky images Hartman Dan PE 34322
Blue Thumb Headkeeper Mason Dave BT 10 002
Blue thumb Hear & now Butts Band BT.10.042
bootleg Live in Offenbach Burdon Eric & War janv..69
Boulevard at his best Campbell Alex 473
Bradley Bradley’s Roadshow ath the Marquee Various artists BRADB 4001
bradley the nerw goodies almost live at the cricklewood rainbow Goodies BRADL 1010
Brain Bedside manners are extra Greenslade 1042
Brain Using the head Message 60.078
bronze chance Manfred Mann’s Earthband vip-6782
Bronze Demons and wizards Uriah heep 86 185 IT
Bronze Diamond of dreams Heron 28 571 XOT
Bronze Eager to please Hensley Ken 88 749 XOT
Bronze Fallen angel Uriah heep 26 449 XOT
Bronze Firefly Uriah heep 28 520 XOT
Bronze High and mighty Uriah heep 27 438 XOT
Bronze Innocent victim Uriah heep 25 543 XOT
Bronze Live january 1973 Uriah heep ISLD 1
Bronze Living in fear Tempest 87664 IT
Bronze Loudwater house Hazzard Tony 85 803 IT
Bronze Proud words on a dusty shelf Hensley Ken 86644 IT
Bronze Return to fantasy Uriah heep 89 065 XOT
Bronze Sweet freedom Uriah heep 87 232 IT
Bronze The magician’s birthday Uriah heep 86 456IT
Bronze The only chrome waterfall orch Gibbs Mike 89 429 XOT
bronze the roaring silence Manfred Mann’s Earthband bron 357
Bronze Wonderworld Uriah heep 87 931 XOT
BSO/Polydor Mademoiselle chante Kaas Patricia 837 356-2
Buddah Blasts from my past Goldberg Barry 6.23139 AO
Buddah Live at Carnegie Hall Melanie 2318 011
Byg Rock generation vol.3 Williamson Sonny Boy & animals 529.703
Byg Rock generation vol.9 Page Jimmy, Williamson Sonny 529.709
Byg Records Beginning of jazz rock Bond Graham Organization 529.704
Byg Records Rock generation vol.1 Animals/Yardbirds 529.701
Byg Records Rock generation vol.2 Animals/Yardbirds 529.702
CAM La fête sauvage Papathanassiou Vangelis 900 056
cambrian the road and the miles hennessey’s clp 593
Camden no strings attached McCalmans INTS 1340
Canon Records Hauf time Nicol Watt VAR 4971
Capitol 2wo Strange Advance 1c 064-240286
Capitol Fork it over Section ST-11656
Capitol Ice water Kottke Leo C062 81610
Capitol Paris Paris ST-11464
Capitol Present company Ian Janis E-ST 683
Capitol Rhyme & Reason Missing Persons 1C 064 2401041
Capitol Rock love Miller Steve Band c062-80962
Capitol Rogue waves Reid Terry E-ST 11857
Capitol Sky high Tavares C066-82262
Capitol Wings of a man Mc Culloch Danny E-ST 174
Capitol Wishful thinking Klugh Earl 1c064 240092
Capitol Worlds away Strange Advance 1c 064-400
Capitol¨ Broken glass Broken Glass C06282150
Capitol¨ Stop Burdon Eric Band SMAS-11426
Capricorn An anthology Allman Duane CAP 67502
Capricorn Brothers and sisters Allman Brothers CAP 47507
Capricorn Gregg Allman tour Allman Gregg CAP 87500
Capricorn Laid back Allman Gregg CAP 47508
Capricorn Let it flow Bishop Elvin Cp 0134
Capricorn Live! Bishop Elvin Group 2CP 0185
Capricorn The marshall tucker band Marshall Tucker Band K 47509
Capricorn Wet Willie Wet Willie CP 0138
Caribou L.A. Express L.A. Express CRB 81267
Caribou Pacific ocean blue Wilson Dennis CRB 81672
Caroline Camembert électrique Gong C 1505
Caroline Warm blood Grimes Carole 87 977 ET
Carrère Coexistence Moraz Patrick & Syrinx 67499
Carrère Notes de voyage Haumont Michel 66.019
Casablanca Frankie Crocker & the Heart and soul Crocker Frankie & Heart and Soul nblp 7050
Casablanca Helluva Band Angel C066 97888
Casablanca More miles per gallon Miles Buddy NB 7013
CBS 4 Blood, sweat & tears S 64355
CBS …. Today It’s a beautiful day S 65483
CBS « sorry » P.S. Corporation P1- 2002
CBS 52nd street Joel Billy CX83181
CBS A handful of beauty Shakti & John Mc Laughlin 81664
CBS A new time- a new day Chambers Brothers S 7-63451
CBS Again Pattrersons 63532
CBS At Carnegie Hall Chicago 66405
CBS Atmosphère Gérard Daniel S 64222
CBS Be a brother Big brother and the holding co S 64118
CBS Bird on a wire Hardin Tim 64335
CBS Boz Scaggs & band Scaggs Boz & Band S 64431
CBS Bukka White White Bukka M 52629
CBS Casino Di Meola Al 82645
CBS Christ on the mount of olives Beethoven 61121
CBS Christmas and thebeads of sweat Nyro Laura S 64157
CBS Dancing with the lion Vollenweider Andreas 46333
CBS Dave Mason Mason Dave 80 360
CBS Di a lects Zawinul Jo 26813
CBS Dreams Dreams 64203
CBS Dynosaur swamps Flock S 64055
CBS Eagle rock Titanic 65661
CBS Electric rendez-vous Di Meola Al 85437
CBS Elegant gypsy Di Meola Al 81845
CBS Elton Dean Dean Elton 64539
CBS En plein orgasme Beauregard, Violetti 81197
CBS Feel it Bishop Elvin Group S 64180
CBS From P.S with love P.S. Corporation 80944
CBS Fully interlocking Solution 84384
CBS Geny Ravan Ravan Genya S 64872
CBS Glassworks Glass Philip 73640
CBS Golden Mile Kursaal Flyers 81622
CBS Gonna take a miracle Nyro Laura S 64770
CBS Gymnopédies 1, 3, parade Satie Eric 72915
CBS Happy again P.S. Corporation S 64 884
CBS Historic organs of Italy Biggs E. power 72810
CBS Hollywood Ferguson Maynard 85503
CBS Hoodoo man Birth control S 65 316
CBS I can fly Pattrersons 64064
CBS Imagine my surprise Dreams S 64597
CBS In your eyes Fraser Andy 81027
CBS Infinity Journey 32687
CBS Jeremy Spencer and the children Spencer Jeremy & the Children S 65387
CBS Land fo the midnight sun Di Meola Al 81220
CBS Lay it all out Mann Bary S 64805
CBS Lite me up Hancock Herbie 85650
CBS Live at Fillmore Bloomfield Mike S 63816
CBS Live at the Public Theatre Heath Brothers 84341
CBS Looking out Tyner Mc Coy FC-38053
CBS Love, peace and happiness Chambers Brothers S 66226
CBS Magic windows Hancock Herbie 85144
CBS Marrying maiden It’s a beautiful day 64 065
CBS Mashmakhan Mashmakhan S 64159
cbs meet the beat various artists wsr 923
CBS Mirror Image Blood, sweat & tears 80153
CBS Moments Scaggs Boz & Band 64248
CBS Monologues et poésies Tennberg Jean-Marc S 64292
CBS Music for guitar and harpsichord Williams John & Rafael Puyana 72948
CBS Musicmagic Return to forever 81959
CBS New york city r & b Taylor Cecil, Neidlinger Buell S 64723
CBS New York tendaberry Nyro Laura 63510
CBS Night Out Pasadena Roof Orchestra 83220
CBS Night rains Ian Janis 83802
CBS No sweat Blood, sweat & tears KC 32180
CBS Old crest on a new wave Mason Dave 83828
CBS Other roads Scaggs Boz 461121
CBS Pause for a hoarse horse Home 64356
CBS PG &E Pacific Gas & Electric 64295
CBS Poco Poco 64082
CBS Pulsion Loussier Jacques 84078
cbs Reach for the sky Sutherland Brothers Band & Quiver 69191
CBS Restless nights Bonoff Karla 83587
CBS Rise and shine Kokomo 69229
CBS Roll over New York Rock & Roll Ensemble 64126
CBS Romantic warrior Return to forever PC 34076
CBS Sarbacane Cabrel Francis 463462-1
CBS Scenario Di Meola Al 25718
CBS Sin after sin Judas Priest 82008
CBS singers three McCalmans 52699
CBS Sittin’ in Loggins Kenny, Messina Jim S 64902
cbs smith and d’abo D’Abo Mike, smith mike g. 81583
CBS Songs 1906-1953 Stravinsky Igor 72881
CBS Songs of Leonard Cohen Cohen Leonard 63241
CBS Sound-system Hancock Herbie 26062
CBS Splendido hotel Di Meola Al 88468
CBS Straight ahead Lincoln Abbey S 64655
CBS Symphony n° 10 Shostakovich 72886
CBS Take off your body Compost S 64935
CBS Tarot Tarot 81007
CBS The beginning of it all King Ben E 64570
CBS The best of Hinze Chris S 65549
CBS The best of electric flag Electric Flag 64337
CBS The day will come Riley Howard 64077
CBS The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood Hahn Jerry Brotherhood S 64121
CBS The joy of flying Williams Tony 83338
CBS The man from utopia Zappa Frank 25251
CBS The new messiah Revelation Philharmonic Orchestra S 65329
CBS three piano sonatas Haydn S 61112
CBS Thrust Hancock Herbie 80193
CBS Tinseltown rebellion Zappa Frank 88516
CBS Tthe swing of delight Santana Carlos Devadip 22075
CBS turn again McCalmans 654145
CBS Urubamba Urubamba S 80158
CBS Visions of the emerald beyond Mahavishnu Orchestra 69108
CBS We want Miles Davis Miles 88579
CBS Weather report Weather Report 85326
CBS Zero she flies Stewart Al 63848
cbs david essex essex david 69088
CBS Free lancing Ulmer James Blood 85224
Cellier Improvisations Zamfir Georgh, Cellier Marcel 2
Cézame Pierre Bensusan 2 Bensusan Pierre CEZ 1040
Cézame Pierre Bensusan 2 Bensusan Pierre CEZ 1040
Cézame Près de Paris Bensusan Pierre CEZ 1004
Chapter 1 Dadd, sing me a song Chalker Bryan & the Road Band CMS 1020
Charisma As your mind flies by Rare Bird 6369 904
Charisma between the poppy and the snow macleod robert cas 1114
Charisma Beyond panic Pacific Eardrum CAS 1136
charisma Fall of Hyperion Godfrey Robert John BT-5167
Charisma G.T. Moore and the raggae guitars Moore G.T. and raggae guitars CAS 1095
Charisma Graham Bell Bell Graham 6369 927
Charisma King brilliant Werth Howard & Moonbeams CAS 1104
Charisma Live Genesis CLASS 1
Charisma Music inspired by watership Hansson Bo 9124 015
Charisma Pacific Eardrum Pacific Eardrum CAS 1133
Charisma Patrick Moraz Moraz Patrick CDS 4015
Charisma Peter Gabriel Gabriel Peter 6369 978
Charisma Please mind your head String driven thing 6369 961
Charisma Refugee Refugee CAS 1087
Charisma String driven thing String driven thing CAS 1062
Charisma Unorthodox behaviour Brand X CAS 1117
Charisma Voyage of the acolyte Hackett Steve 6369 970
Charly Another fine tune you’ve got me in Gilgamesh CRL 5009
Charly Of queues and cures National Health CRL 5010
Charly Tea-break over- back on your ‘eads If CR 300010
chelsea blown away Cloud Christopher bcl1-0234
Chess Heavy heads Various artists LPS-1522
Chocolate City Smoke Smoke cclp-2001
Chrysalis All around my hat Steeleye Span chr 1091
Chrysalis City nights Gilder Nick 6307 641
Chrysalis City slickers Auracle 6307 653
Chrysalis Commoner’sCrown Steeleye Span CHR 1071
Chrysalis Crazy love Olsson Kai 6307 656
Chrysalis Double trouble Miller Frankie 6307 625
Chrysalis Exhibition Serry John 6307 662
Chrysalis First light Thompson Richard & Linda 6307 640
Chrysalis Flash Fearless versus zorg Various artists 6307 546
Chrysalis Grand hotel Procol Harum C6307 511
Chrysalis in city dreams Trower Robin 6307 610
Chrysalis In’terview Gentle Giant 6307 575
Chrysalis Jinx Gallagher Rory 204408-320
Chrysalis Live in Edmonton Procol Harum 6307 503
Chrysalis Minstrel in the gallery Jethro Tull CHR 1082
Chrysalis Over the rainbow, the last concert Various artists 6307 547
Chrysalis parcel of rogues Steeleye Span chr 1046
Chrysalis Procol’s ninth Procol Harum 6307 555
Chrysalis Silver bird Sayer Leo 6307521
Chrysalis Something magic Procol Harum 6307 593
Chrysalis Sunny vista Thompson Richard & Linda 6307 681
Chrysalis The official live gentle giant Gentle Giant 6641 579
chrysalis the winkies Winkies chr 1066
Chrysalis Tim Hart Hart Tim 6307 658
CMP Breathing of statues Beirach Richard CMP 17
CMP Personal note Nauseef Mark 16
Coda After dark Morrissey Dick 2
Coda An evening in Jaffa Cayenne coda 11
Coda New night Critchinson John Coda 9
Coda Summer afternoon Critchinson John Coda1
Coda Thumbs up Mullen Jim 4
Coda Ulysses and the cyclops Themis John 10
Colomba Caverna magica Vollenweider Andreas LP 82-01
Columbia Ars long vita brevis Nice P 11634
Columbia Believe it Williams Tony PC 33836
Columbia Delicate and jumpy Fania All Stars PC 34283
Columbia Easy does it Kooper Al G 30031
Columbia In motion Heath Brothers 35816
Columbia Les crises de l’âme Mas Jeanne 291817
Columbia Music for meditation Mellow Fruitfulness SCX 6242
Columbia Split coconut Mason Dave PC 33 698
Columbia To Lefty from Willie Nelson Willie 34695
Columbia Windjmamer Hubbard Freddie PC 34166
Concord Beautiful friendship Thompson Don Quartet CJ-243
Concord Zephyr Yamamoto Tsuyoshi CJ-218
Contemporary Peter Erskine Erskine Peter 14010
Cottage Records No sweat Armpit Jug Band cot 201/R
Counterpoint Harp music Zabaleta Nicanor 5509
crescent the shortwaveband’s greatest hats shortwaveband ARS 111
Crocos Records The house of the rising sun Revelacion 337702
CTI Cherry Turrentine Stanley CTI 6017
CTI End of a rainbow Austin Patti 63.002
CTI Montreux II Evans Bill 6004
CTI The Chicago theme Laws Hubert 6058
CTI Velvet darkness Holdsworth Allan 63.011
Cube Writer fo songs Andrews Harvey 2326 011
Cube Travelling days JSD Band HIFLY 14
Curb Sunset sundown Burrito Brothers 7464-37705
Dark Horse Mind your own business! Mc Cullough Henry AMLH22005
Dawn Do I know you? CooperMike DNLS 3005
Dawn Owlcreek incident Prelude DNLH 3
Day eight music Elegant punk Hellborg Jonas DEM LP 004
Decca Bartok dance suite/2 portraits Ansermet Ernest & OSR SXL 6121
Decca Bowles bros Bowles Bros TXS 127
Decca Cunning stunts Caravan SKL-R5210
Decca Faerie symphony Newman Tom TXS 123
Decca Home is where you find it Hardin Eddie TXS 106
Decca Matthew’s southern comfort Matthew’s Southern Comfort DL 75191
Decca One for the world Hardin and York SLK 16722-P
Decca Piano sonata n° 32, 6 bagatelles Beethoven SXL 6373
Decca Quintet op 29, sextet op 81b Beethoven SXL 6464
Decca Reflections of marmalade Marmalade SKL 5047
Decca sheet music Ten cc 10 cc SLK 17066 P
Decca Symphoniy n° 7 Dvorak SMD 1256
Decca Symphony n° 31,32,35 Mozart SAD 22057
Decca Symphony n° 5 Sibelius SXL 6433
Decca The beginning Savoy Brown ND 771
Decca The village Band yetties SKL 5253
decca the world of the goodies Goodies SPA 416
Decca This is Tom jones Jones Tom SLK 5007
Decca Tundra Stainton Chris, Turner Glen SKL-R 5259
Decca Wowie Zowie Various artists SPA 34
Decca Yours Truly Yours Truly 76.25126
deram Around the world whistling jack smith Dml 1009
Deram Martin’s Magic Sounds Martin Irving SML 1014
deram something new is coming Anvil flutes and capricorn voices SML 1026
Deram Sweet Wivelsfield Carthy Martin SML 1111
Deram The velvet gentleman Satie Eric SML 1053
Deyss Vision in the dark Deyss 87112
Dischi ricordi di terra Banco SMRL 6226
djm a wish for a season Kind hearts and english 20490
DJM Live in Tokyo Amazing Blondel DJF 20503
DJM Mulgrave Street Amazing Blondel DJLPS 443
DJM/Hansa Hookfoot Hookfoot 85593 IT
Douglas 9 My goals’ beyond Mc Laughlin Mahavishnu John 500 017
Dove A Door of hope Valley of Achor 18
Dragon Reggae round the world Lee Byron & Dragonaires DRLS 5001
Dunhill Around the world Three Dog Night DSY 50138
Dunhill Daughter of time Colosseum DSX 50101
ECM Avant pop Bowie Lester & Brass fantasy 1326
ECM Bande à part Masqualero 1319
ECM I only have eyes for you Bowie Lester & Brass fantasy 1296
ECM Lask Lask Ulrich P. 1217
ECM Last year’s waltz Kuhn Steve’s Qaurtet 1213
ECM Ocean Micus Stefan 1318
ECM Piano, Harfe Fahres Michael 1281
ECM Slide show Towner Ralph 1306
ECM Solo concert Towner Ralph 1173
ECM Song for everyone Shankar 1286
EG Avalon Roxy Music 2311 154
EG Danger money U.K POLD 5019
EG The high road Roxy Music 2335 269
EG U.K U.K PD1-6146
EG/Polydor Flags Moraz Patrick & Bruford Bill 825 680
EG/Polydor Music for piano and drums Moraz Patrick & Bruford Bill 817 291
Egg Crystal machine Blake Tim 900.545
EGO Park Street n° 92 Spendel Christoph 4009
EGO Records Themes and varitions Friedman Don 4014
Electric record company Perilous journey Giltrap Gordon  
Electrola Fumble Fumble 1C038-93729
Elektra Another Passenger Simon Carly ELK 52036
Elektra Arcade Simmons Patrick 96-0225-1
Elektra Carly Simon Simon Carly 42077
Elektra Dance band on the titanic Chapin Harry ELK 62021
Elektra Living by the days Nix Don ELK 42 096
Elektra Living in the crest of a wave Evans Bill 960-349-1
Elektra Manna Bread 42081
Elektra Master of the art Shaw Woody MUS K 52 402
Elektra Modern times Steps ahead 60351-1 E
Elektra Roots in the sky Oregon ELK 52 169
Elektra Spirit within Rodney Red, Sullivan Ira MUS K 52 360
Elektra Splendid Corryell LarryCatherine Philippe ELK 52086
Elektra the 5000 spirits Incredible string band EKS-74010
Elektra The adventures of astral pirates White Lenny ELK 52 056
Elektrola Trans Europe express Kraftwerk 1C064- 82306
elite special live Piccadilly six solp 503
Embryo Circles Fischer William S. SE 529
Embryo The floating opera Floating Opera SD 730
EMI Aerie faerie nonsense Enid INS 3012
EMI Animals Pink Floyd 1C064-98 434
EMI Burn Deep Purple 1c062-94 837
EMI Code of the road Meal Ticket INS 3008
EMI Come as you are Wolf Peter 064 24 0744
EMI Come back romance all is f Bown Andy EMC 3176
EMI Forms and feelings Love Sculpture PCS 7090
EMI Goin’ down laughing Tiger EMC 3153
EMI History of British pop vol.5 Fame Georgie NSPH 18593
EMI holly days laine denny EMA 781
EMI Horseshoe in the glove SO PCS 7316
EMI House of exile Cliff Jimy EMC 3035
EMI In the region of the summer stars Enid INS 3005
EMI Kaleidoscope Morgan John 1C062-93 001
EMI L’art des femmes Mas Jeanne 795380
EMI Land of cockayne Soft Machine EMC 3348
Emi Lionheart Bush Kate 1c 064-06859
EMI Love is a prima donna Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel EMC3156
EMI Made in Japan Deep Purple TPSP 351
EMI Mr Big Mr Big EMC 3171
EMI Orange town Schlüter Wolfgang/Spendel Christoph 1C066-64 599
EMI Our only weapon is our music Gonzalez EMC 3100
EMI Paul’s Piano Party II Kuhn Paul 1c062 29590
EMI Radioaktivität Kraftwerk 1C062 82087
EMI Sarabande Lord Jon 1C062-97 943
EMI Score Mackay Duncan EMC 3168
EMI Ship of memories Focus C050-25610
EMI Soundtrack from More Pink Floyd SCX 6346
EMI Sweet silence Mr Big EMC 3101
EMI Taggett Taggett EMC 3015
EMI The human menagerie Cockney Rebel EMA 759
emi The psychomodo Cockney Rebel Oc062-05595
EMI Timeless flight Harley Steve & Cockney Rebel EMA 775
Enigma i.o.u Holdsworth Allan 2031-1
Enigma Metal fatigue Holdsworth Allan 2002-1
Enja Calorcito Conexion Latina 4072
Enja Double image Double image 2096
Enja Father time Tusa Frank 2056
Enja Futures passed Friedman David 2068
Enja Jazz exclusive Ambrosetti Franco 5035
Enja Speak with a single voice Galper Hal 4006
Epic 12 dreams of dr. Sardonicus Spirit BN 26281
Epic Absolutely Boxer EPC 82151
Epic Bang, bang you’re Reid Terry BN 26427
Epic Beck, Bogert , Appice Beck Jeff, Bogert Tim, Appice Ca EPC 65455
Epic Blow by blow Beck Jeff EPC69117
Epic Blue rose Blue rose EPC 64936
Epic Box of frogs Box of frogs 25996
EPic Chase Chase 64544
Epic Cosmic wheel Donovan EPC 65460
Epic Crawler Crawler EPC 82083
Epic Crazy Horse Crazy Horse KE 31710
Epic Deliverin’ Poco 64204
EPic Different drummer Isley,Jasper,Isley EPC 450143
Epic Ennea Chase EPC 64710
Epic Essence to essenc e Donovan EPC 69050
Epic Every time you touch me (I get high) Rich Charlie PE33455
Epic Feedback Spirit EPC 64507
Epic Flash Beck Jeff 26112
Epic From me to you Duke George PE 34469
Epic From the inside Poco BN 26565
Epic Give me your heart tonight Stevens Shakin’ 32676
Epic I wanna play for you Clarke Stanley EPC 88331
Epic it never rains in southern california hammond albert epc 65320
Epic Jeff Beck Group Beck Jeff EPC 64899
Epic Journey Blunstone Colin EPC 65805
Epic Katharsis Schaffer Janne 34499
Epic Lacroix LaCroix Jerry EPC S 65169
Epic Moonshadows Johnson Alphonso PE 34118
Epic One year Blunstone Colin 64557
Epic Open road Donovan BN 26278
Epic Open road Donovan BN 26278
Epic Ram jam ram jam epc 82215
Epic Rough and ready Beck Jeff EPC 64619
Epic Silver angel Rainford Tina 35034
Epic Soul to soul Vaughan Stevie Ray 26441
Epic Texas flood Vaughan Stevie Ray EPC 25534
Epic The 1976 solo keeyboard album Duke George 25021
Epic The best of Grin & Nils Lofgren PE 34247
Epic the free electric band hammond albert epc 65554
Epic The gadd gang Gadd Gang EPC 450413
Epic There and back Beck Jeff PE 35684
Epic Time & space Contraband EPC 64736
Epic Upp Upp EPC 80625
Epic Wild Cherry Wild Cherry EPC 81630
Epic Wired Beck Jeff PE 33849
Erato Bach, MozRT, Quantz Syrinx & OCL NUM75187
Esoteric Love is a four-letter word Drayton Leslie Orchestra ER 1003
Eurodisc Attahk Magma 913 213
Europa Accident Greaves John JP 2010
Europa D.S. al coda National Health JP 2008
Europa Kew. Rhone. Greaves John JP 2004
Europa Parrot fashions Greaves John JP 2016
Evasion Danses de la renaissance Podolski Michel EC 100.908
Evasion Modal Liardet Jean-Paul EB 100829
Everest 400 years of the classical guitar Diaz Alirio 3155
Everest Jeux, poême dansé, Debussy 3285
Everest Manfred Tchaikvsky SDBR 3035
Everest Sonate n° 2op. 35 Chopin X 904
Everest The art of the guitar De Plata Manitas 3201
Everest The guitar artistry of John Williams Williams John 3219
Ex Libris Neue Songs der Welt Ofarim Esther & Abi SG 6701
Fabulous Treefid’s date Treefid’s date 2103
Famous GW You well-meaning brought me here Mc Tell Ralph SFMA 5753
Fantasy Galeforce Galeforce F 9527
Fantasy Heavy Turbulence Saunders Merl 6035
Far Out Lee Oskar Oskar Lee 900 503
Festival La Solitude Ribeiro Catherine 284
Festival Le président et l’éléphant Laffaille Gilbert FLD 683
Fidelity Blues at sunrise Lockran Gerry, Redd Sullivan FID 2165
Fidelity Boogie woogie explosion Turner Clarence FID 2174
Fidelity Harpsichor recital Bach J.S. FID 2054
flaky pastry ingredients Flaky Pastry FALP 001
Fly The best of Procol Harum Procol Harum TON 4
Flying Fish Minors Aloud Emmons Buddy & Breau Lenny 88
FMP S’gschänk Voerkel Urs 300
FMP Wild senoritas Schweizer Irène 330
Fontana Another round Murphy Noel STL 5496
Fontana At home with Mc PEAKES STL 5258
Fontana e langonned Stivell Alan 6325 332
Fontana Irish folk Mc PEAKES Family SFL 13068
Fontana Renaissance de la harpe celtique Stivell Alan 9101 502
Fontana Singing-n-sole-in Brotherhood TL 5390
Fontana songs of grief and glory Cattouse Nadia Robin hall Jimmie mcgregor STL 5436
Fontana The finest folk Barrow Poets 6857 003
Fontana the foggy dew Wolfetones TL 5244
Fontana til the wild birds Tinkers 6438 020
Formule 1 Pop made in England Carvan/Jackson’s Heights MT 44019
foulk records Vivant Raoul Petite 87003
Galaxy Today Pepper Art GXY 50119
Gama Deal gone down Chapman Michael SML 1114
Geffen Asia Asia 85577
Geffen Sammy Haggar Haggar Sammy 924 144-1
General Recorfd Vision d’Ezechiel Michel Jean-Christian 67 093
GNP Crescendo Wicked man Burdon Eric GNPS2194
Good ear Rainbow rider Harrison Mike EAR 5007
Goody Electric blues Estes Sleepy John Gy 10.003
Goody Electric blues Wells Junior’ Chicago Blues Band GY 10.001
Goody Electric blues chicago style Magic Sam’s blues band 10.005
Gordy/Motown Night life Allison Luther G6 974S1
Gramavision Maiden dance Blake John GR 8309
Gramavision Middle passasge Davis Anthony GR 8401
Gramavision Rythm & BLU Blake John, Lockwood Didier 18-8608-1
Gramavision Smart moves Swartz Harvie 18-8607-1
Gramavision Visit with the great spirit Moses Bob GR 8307
Gramavision When elephants dream of music Moses Bob GR 8203
Grapevine dresh from the earth Reynaerd 102
Grapevine Fool’s wisdom Malcolm & Alwyn GRV 136
GRP the chick corea elektrik band Corea Chick GRP 91026
GRP Warning Cobham Billy GRP 91020
Grunt Come One FTR 1008
Grunt Dragon fly Jefferson Starship BFL1-0717
Gull Deep end Isotope 163.302
Gull Illusion Isotope 6.22113 AS
Gull Isotope Isotope GULP 1002
Gull Psi-fi Seventh Wave 6.22308 AS
Gull Rocka’ Rolla Judas Priest 6.22017
Gull Things to come Seventh Wave GULP 1001
Gull Records Electric glide Boyle Gary GULP 1028
Gull Records The dancer Boyle Gary INT 63 305
Hallelujah The best of toad Toad X 656
Hallmark scottish breakaway Campbell Alex HM 573
Harmonia mundi L’année du rat Laffaille Gilbert LDX 74851
Harvest After hours Little river band C062 82307
Harvest Another sleeper Middleton Max, Ahwai Robert SHSP 4103
Harvest Atom Heart Mother Pink Floyd 3C062-04550
Harvest Bananamour Ayers Kevin SHVL 807
Harvest Flow motion Can 1c062-31 837
Harvest Free ride Marshall Hain SHSP 4087
Harvest Free ride Marshall Hain SHSP 4087
Harvest Fresh air Akkerman Jan C062-24707
Harvest Modern music Be bop de luxe SHSP 4058
Harvest Sunburst finish Be bop de luxe SHSP 4053
Harvest The book of Taliesyn Deep Purple shvl 751
Harvest the piper at the gates of dawn/a saucerful of secrets Pink Floyd 1c148 50203/204
Harvest Trance-formation Schoener Eberhard 1C064-32 526
Harvest Ummagumma Pink Floyd SHDW1/2
Hat Art From no time to rag time Vienna Art Orchestra 1999/2000
Hat ART Musique pour 8: ol’OC Jaume André 1989/90
Hat ART On duke’s birthday Westbrook Mike 2012
Hat ART The minimalism of Eric Satie Vienna Art Orchestra 2005
Hexagone Misa criolla in rock Gorrion 883001
Hip pocket Mosaic Egan Mark LP 370 104-1
Horizon Live Hall Jim SP 705
Horse records Kumberland Treese Jack HS 4001
Horslips The book of invasions Horslips MOO 12
Hungaroton posthumous works Bartok Béla LPX 11431
I.R.S. Ark Animals 25646
I.R.S. Greatest hits live Animals 25937
Impulse Astro black Sun Ra AS-9255
Impulse Trespass Genesis AS-9205
Intercord GX1 Van der Linden Rick INT 160.612
Interface Gomez Gomez Eddie YF-7089
Invictus Give me just a little more time Chairmen of the board 5c062.91453
Isadora Les contes du singe fou Clearlight ISA 9009
IsIand Mike Harrison Harrison Mike ILPS 9170
Island Arc of a diver Winwood Stevie 203 207-320
Island Babbacombe Lee Fairport Convention ILPS 9176
Island Back street crawler Kossoff ILPS 9264
Island Back to Earth Stevens Cat 26 491 XOT
Island Battle of the Field Albion Country Band HELP 25
Island Be glad for the song has no ending Incredible string band ILPS9140
Island Bless the weather Martyn John 85 677 IT
Island Breakfast special Wingfield Pete ILPS 9333
Island Bumpers Various artists IDP 1
Island Concerto for electric violin Way Darryl ILPS9550
Island Country home Bronco 6339 019
Island Dream kid Sutherland Brothers Band & Quiver 87 705 IT
Island Earthbound King Crimson 86 254 ET
Island El Pea Various artists 85 378 XT
Island Fantasia Lindum Amazing Blondel 85 526 IT
Island Flowers of evil Mountain ILPS 9179
Island Freedom is frightening Yamash’ta Stomu’s East Wind ILPS 9242
Island Henry the human fly Thompson Richard ILPS 9197
Island I ain’t drunk Muldaur Geoff & Nite Lites 203 546
Island Illusion Illusion ILPS 9519
Island Live Mountain ILPS 9199
Island Look at yourself Uriah heep 85703 IT
Island Man from Wareika Rico ILPS 9485
Island Nantucket sleighride Mountain ILPS 9148
Island One for the road Lane Ronnie’s Slim Chance ILPS 9366
Island Out of the mist Illusion ILPS 9489
Island Rock follies Rock Follies ILPS 9362
Island Rough diamond Rough Diamond 28648 XOT
Island Scarabus Gillan Ian 25 500 XOT
Island Six star general Vinegar Joe 87 353 IT
Island Smiling man with bad reputations Heron Mike ILPS 9146
Island Smokestack lightning Harrison Mike 86 453 IT
Island Stand up Jethro Tull 849303 UY
Island Stevie winwood Winwood Stevie 28 972 XOT
Island Stranded Roxy Music 87 369 IT
Island Tea for the tillerman Stevens Cat 85 678
Island The last puff Spooky Tooth 6339 004
Island The man from the east Yamash’ta Stomu Red Buddha Theatre ILPS 9228
Island The mirror Spooky Tooth ILPS 9292
Island The road to ruin Martyn John & Beverley ILPS 9133
Island The sutherland brothers band Sutherland Brothers Band ILPS 9181
Island Trilogy Emerson Lake & Palmer 86 230 IT
Island USA King Crimson 88 816 XOT
Island Westering home Surman John HELP 10
Island Whale meat again Capaldi Jim ILPS 9254
Island Wildlife Mott The Hoople 6369 031
Island Zin Zin Suntreader HELP 13
Janus Feel the sound of Mandel Harvey JLS 63067
Janus Goldie Zelkowitz Zelkowitz Goldie JLS 3060
Janus The best of Mandel Harvey JKS 7014
Japo Daybreak Joos Herbert 60015
Japo Paradox Tok 60029
Japo Solidarity Warren Peter 60034
JCOA Escalator over the hill BleyCarla a4RS2061-6
Jet II Magnum 222
Jet Records Face the Music Electric Light Orchestra JETLP 11
Jet Records secret messages elecvtric light orchestra jetlx 527
Jet Records The wizzard Wood Roy UAS 30095
Jet Records Three light years Electric Light Orchestra JET BX 1
Jet Records Time Electric Light Orchestra 236
Jet Records Xanadu Various Artists JET LX 526
Jeton Olympic rock & blues circus Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1003321
JMS Fusion Lockwood Dider,Vander Christian 15
JMS The Kid Lockwood Didier 24
JMS The things you see Holdsworth Allan, Beck Gordon 9
JMS Trio Catherin Philipe,Escoudé,Lockwood 31
Joker Rhapsodia in blue, un américain Gershwin George SM 3009
JSP Swing on it Singer Hal 1028
JVC In the shade of a tree Gale Eric VIJ 28018
K Never Say Die Petra KMR 357
Kelly King of the sea Manning Folk MAN 2
Ken Ten years after portrait Ten years after 710
Keytone Cascade Mariano Charlie KYT 707
Keytone Eye-ball Van’t Hof Jasper KYT 706
Kingdom The album Caravan INT 147.800
La voix de son maître concertos pour clavecin Haydn CVAP 269
Landmark Piano album De Johnette Jack LLP 1504
le chant du mond chants et musiques à danser Maluzerne LDX 74721
le chant du monde J’aime un voyou maman Bratsch LDX 74729
libellule (front de libération des arbres fruitiers) Beaucarne Julos ybpl1 468
libellule au « théatre de la ville » janvier septante-sept Beaucarne Julos pl 40032
libellule L’ère vidéo-chrétienne Beaucarne Julos lib 18
libellule mon terroir c’est les galaxies Beaucarne Julos pl 40124
Liberty Sometimes Taylor Allan LBG 83483
Liberty Steps…and prints Various artists LBS 83 315 X
Limetree Lexpression Jasper Lex Trio MLP 0016
Lincolnshire Association the gypsy’s wedding day Broadside LA4
Line Camera Camera Renaissance LLP 5197 AP
Line Records Eric Burdon Band Burdon Eric Band LLP 5202
London by crow Crow SHA-U 121
London Get that feeling Hendrix Jimi SH 8349
London Get that feeling Hendrix Jimi SHA-U 102
London Strange things Hendrix Jimi SH 8369
Longman Mister Monday & other songs for the teaching of english Solid British Hat Band LG 0582564212
Lost century OM McCartney Cecil SCX 6283
Lotus Eye Coming into full bloom Rasa BBT-S-17
Lotus Eye Dancing on the head of the serpent Rasa BBT-S-24
Lotus Eye Oasis Rasa BBT-S-16
Lotus Eye Setting the Scene Rasa BBT-S-18
Lotus Eye Swinging Rasa BBT-S 25
Lotus Eye Transparent Media Rasa BBT-S-21
LSO Classic rock London Symphony Orchestra 660 018
Magic spell forever a willow Kent Shirley 1
Magnet Dancing with strangers Rea Chris 242 364-1
Magnet Young and moody Young & Moody C064-99040
Magnetix 33/45 Sofa MX 0002
Magnetix Take a seat Sofa MX 0003
magnum production bringing hte hous edown Therapy mag 0009
Major minor Country and soul Campbell ian GOL 204
MAM A Stranger In My Own Back Yard O’Sullivan Gilbert MA SS 56
MAM Passing stranger Korda Paul MAM-AS 1003
Manticore Brain salad surgery Emerson Lake & Palmer 87 302 IT
Manticore The world became the world Premiat Forneria Marconi 87 816 IT
Manticore Thee Image Thee Image 88 922 IT
Manticore Works vol. 1 Emerson Lake & Palmer 28 614 XDU
Manticore Works vol. 2 Emerson Lake & Palmer 25 553 XOT
Marble Arch Status quo-tations Status Quo MALS 1193
Marble Arch Stereophonic journey in percussion Os Ritimistas Brasileiros MALS 1361
Marble Arch the reluctant patriot Tinkers MAL 1203
marble arch the trravelling people johnstons mal 808
Maya Dwellers in the threshold Monkman Francis MAY 01
MCA Barbar Thompson’s paraphernalia Thompson Barbara’ Paraphernalia MCF 2852
MCA Bean Blossom back home again in Indiana Various Artists MCA 2-8002
MCA Evita Lloyd Weber Andrew 82.001-2
MCA Gagged but not bound Lee Albert 255-075-1
MCA Ghetto blaster Crusaders 250 462
MCA Ghosts Thompson Barbara, Argent Rod 204 497
MCA Jesus Christ Superstar Various Artists MAPS 5533
MCA Live in concert Thompson Barbara’ Paraphernalia 301 415-406
MCA Motion KGB 6.22848 AO
MCA Movng home Argent Rod MCF 2854
MCA Pilgrimage Wishbone ash MAPS 5060
MCA Savage Colosseum II 62.079
MCA Under the gun Poco MCA-5132
MCA Variations Lloyd Weber Andrew 0062. 104
MCA Wardance Colosseum II MCF 2817
MCA New england Wishbone ash MCA 2238
Média 78 Jazz and roll Abus JB 107
Mercury A Farewell to Kings Rush 6338 834
Mercury A message to the people Miles Buddy 6398 001
Mercury Book of Dreams Miller Steve Band 9286 455
Mercury Candy Con Funk Shun 9111 023
Mercury Consequences Creme Lol / Godley Kevin 017/6641658
Mercury Inside out Flock SRM-1-1035
Mercury King Progress Jackson’s Heights SR 61331
Mercury L Godley Kevin, Creme Lol 9109 611
Mercury Law and order Buckingham Lindsay 6302 167
Mercury le jour de clarté Allwright Graeme 6325 605
mercury mutiny essex david merh30
Mercury Rites of passage Vitamin Z 824 393
Mercury Rock ‘n roll nights B.T:O. 9111 020
Mercury Sharp Stone Rain Vitamin Z 838 847
Mercury The wonder of it all Heartsfield SRM-1-1003
Mercury Time and tide Greenslade 9RM-1-1025
Mercury Twiggy Twiggy 9102600
Metromedia Double diamond If BML1-0174
Metronome Alexis Korner Alexis LMLP 15 802
Metronome Blue Double 827 235
Metronome Brett Marvin & the thunderbolts Marvin Brett & Thunderbolts MLP 15 380
Metronome By the light of the moon Los Lobos 828 033
Metronome Live as well Entrance MLP 15631
MGM Black man’s Burdon Burdon Eric & War SE-4710-2
MGM Eric Burdon declares War Burdon Eric & War SE-4663
MGM Eric is here Burdon Eric & Animals SE-4433
MGM Everyone of us Burdon Eric & Animals Se-4553
MGM Love is Burdon Eric & Animals SE-4591/92
MGM The animals Animals SE 4264
MGM The best Vol 2. Burdon Eric & Animals SE-4454
MGM The twain shall meet Burdon Eric & Animals SE-4537
Midi Astral weeks Morrison Van MID 26 004
Midi Mass in F minor Electric Prunes MID 24010
Milestone Indigo blue Crawford Hank 2521-89119
Milestone Pastels Carter Ron M 9073
Milestone Peg leg Carter Ron M-9082
Milestone Spectrum Azimuth 827 541-1
Milestone Super strings Carter Ron 61.165
Milestones Butterfly dreams Purim Flora M-9052
Milestones Fly with the wind Tyner Mc Coy M-9067
Moers music Five old songs Vienna Art Choir 2036
Moers music Nightride of a lonely saxophone player Vienna Art Orchestra 02054/5
Moers music Serapionsmusic Vienna Art Orchestra 2050
Monkey records Hendrix, Page,Beck,Clapton Various artists MY 43.006
Motown High energy Supremes M6-863S1
MPS Four reasons Pike Dave Set MPS 15253
MPS Liberated fantasies Duke George CC 228 355
MPS Live Goldberg Stu, Palle Danielson 68291
MPS Monty Strikes again, Live in Germany Alexander Monty 68.044
mps Sunday Walk Ponty Jean-Luc 68.226
mps the Hub of Hubbard Hubbard Freddie 15037
MPS Total space Kühn Rolf Group 20 22625
Mulligan Afterhours Bothy Band LUN 030
Musdisc 4 suites pour clavecin Handel RC 795
Muse Records Storyteller Friesen David MR 5255
music for pleasure a touch of the blarney Murphy Noel MFP 1287
Musidisc The best of jimi hendrix Fremont Group CV 1208
Musidisc Travelling Laffaille Gilbert 191 181
Mystery Records Ancient Rain Coughlan Mary MRLP 004
Neighborhood Madringada Melanie C062 85372
Nemperor Live Beck Jeff with Jan Hammer Group NE 50361
Nemperor Oh Yeah? Hammer Jan Group W 50276
Nemperor Resolution Pratt Andy NE 50279
Nemperor School days Clarke Stanley NE 50296
Nemperor Stanley Clarke Clarke Stanley W 50101
New world Amen corner & small faces Small Faces & Amen corner NW 6001
New world John Lee Hooker Hooker John Lee NW 6003
New world Small faces Small Faces NW 6000
Nonesuch 18th century italian harpsichord music Sgrizzi Luciano H-71117
Nonesuch 6 sonatas for flute and harp Bach Carl Philipp Emanuel H 71034
Nonesuch Chamber music with recorders Telemann Georg Philipp H-71065
Nonesuch Concerto in A major, ouverture Telemann Georg Philipp H-71124
Nonesuch Earth’s magnetic fields Dodge Charles H 71250
Nonesuch Pierrot lunaire Schönberg Arnold H 71251
Nonesuch Tragoedia Rudin Andrew H 71198
Nova First album Collins Peter SDN 21
Nova places and faces Andrews Harvey Sdn 9
Nova Skin ‘n’ bone Savoy Brown 6.22457 AS
Nova The snow goose Camel 6.22250 AO
Novus Altiplano De Grassi Alex PL 83016
Novus free smiles Mainieri Mike, Warren Bernhardt AN 3009
Novus Shine! Lake Oliver AN 3010
Onagram Ameurope Percewood’s Onagram 1004
one up trouble over bridgewater crozier trevor & his friends ou 2185
Open le chauve et le gaucher Fosset Marc/Caratini Patrice OP12
Orizzonte Floating music Yamash’ta Stomu & Come to the Edge ORL 8082
Ovation Carnegie Hall Schory Dick OV/12-10-2
Ovation Rich mountain tower Rich Mountain Tower OV/14-12
Owl Thir Stream Recompositions Blake Ran 17
Owl Toot sweet Konitz Lee, Petrucciani Michel 28
Pablo Jam Bellson Louie 2310-838
Page 1 Vanity fare Vanity Fare 80 428 IT
Palo Alto Jazz Tidal wave Zeitlin Denny PA-8044 N
Parachute Spank your blank blank Jefferson Morris NW 6003
parlophone Chris Rayburn Rayburn Chris PMC 7001
Passport Blades Khan Steve PJ 88001
Passport Doc Severinsen & Xebron Severinsen Doc & Xebron PJ 88008
Passport From the west Lavitz T. PJ88026
Passport Himalaya Richman Jeff & another language PJ 88007
Passport Never gonna give you up Warmers PJ 88003
Passport Random Axis Pocket Change PJ 88018
Passport Spears Henderson Scott & tribal Tech PJ 88010
Passport Territory Montrose Ronnie PJ 88009
Passport Morrocan roll Brand X PP 98022
Passport Jazz Champion Berlin Jeff & vox humana PJ 88004
Passport Jazz Pump it! Berlin Jeff PJ 88017
Pathé Marconi House of the rising sun Animals C 048-50731
Pathé Marconi Royaume de Siam Manset Gérard 2C070-14721
Penny Farthing Batt tracks Batt Mike Orchestra PAGS 534
Phantom Fire Sign Braverman Cory BLP 1948
Philips A silk purse Spud 9108 002
Philips BC+5 the original human being Blue cheer 6336 004
Philips beggar juli as time trip Ekseption 6314001
Philips Castro marin De Lucia Paco 6301 025
Philips Davison Brian’s Every which way Davison Brian’s Every which way 6303 008
Philips Ekseption 5 Ekseption 6423 042
Philips Exposed Strider 6370 100
Philips Images pour le clavecin Giordani-Sartori Egida 837.918 LY
Philips L’homme à la tête de chou Gainsbourg Serge 9101 097
Philips Light of life Bar-Kays 9111 004
Philips live at the pickwicik pellders sbl7768
Philips Manfred mann’s earthband Manfred Mann’s Earthband 6308086
Philips mind mirror Ekseption 6423082
Philips Outside inn Witchcraft 6305 389
Philips Récital n° 5 Gilles Jean-Villard 625109 PL
Philips Trace Trace 6413 505
Philips Trinity Ekseption 6423 056
Philps 72 études carnatiques Charpentier Jacques 839276 DSY
Pick up Jukka Tolonen Band JTB PULP 79-302
Pickwick Good vibrations Beach Boys SPC 3269
Pickwick I got it bad and that ain’t no Adderley Cannonball SPC3 128
Pickwick Johnny B. Goode Berry Chuck SPC 3327
Pickwick Wow! Great concert Beach Boys SPC 3309
Plainisphare Frontal Spiro, Giacopuzzi PAV816
Plainisphare Piano duo Lindemann françois-Santamaria PL-1267-8
Plainisphare Piano-duo Lindemann françois-Santamaria PL 1267-8
Plainisphare Souvenir d’Italie BBFC PL 1267
planisphare boum boum miaou Theus Alexandre pl 1256-16
plant life Behind the mask Celebrated ratcliffe stout band PLR 020
PM Records Country place Thompson Don PMR-008
Polydor Aquashow Murphy Elliott 2391 100
Polydor Are you experienced? Hendrix Jimi 2459 390
Polydor Back to the roots Mayall John 25-3002
Polydor Born again Rare Bird PD 6506
Polydor Cold Blow and the Rainy Night Planxty 2386 301
Polydor Concert for the people (Berlin) Barclay James Harvest 2383 638
Polydor Daring adventures Thompson Richard 829 728-1
Polydor Darkness-darkness Burdon Eric 2344 147
Polydor Delphi 1 Corea Chick PD1-6208
Polydor Empty rooms Mayall John 583 580
Polydor Eric Clapton Clapton Eric 2383 021
polydor Feels good to me Bruford Bill 2302 075
Polydor Focus 3 Focus 2659 016
Polydor Freeze frame Godley Kevin, Creme Lol POLD 5027
Polydor Friends Corea Chick PD1-6160
Polydor Gently going toarnado Bruford Bill 2302 097
Polydor Glorious Gaynor Gloria 2417 314
Polydor Ian Lloyd Lloyd Ian PD1-6066
Polydor In a heavy bag Fulson Lowell 2384 038
Polydor Individual choice Ponty Jean-Luc 817189
Polydor It’s about time Tonto 2383 308
Polydor Layala Derek & Dominos 2612 014
Polydor Live cream 2 Cream 2383 119
Polydor Live tapes Barclay James Harvest 2679 054
Polydor Mad hatter Corea Chick PD1-6130
Polydor Mainhorse Mainhorse 2383 049
Polydor Mélusine Mélusine 2393 119
Polydor Moving waves Focus 2310 150
Polydor My spanish heart Corea Chick 26699 034
Polydor Neil Lkancaster Lancaster Neil 2’383’036
Polydor No second chance Charlie 2460 271
Polydor Nobody’s perfect Deep Purple 835 897
Polydor One of a kind Bruford Bill POLD 5020
Polydor Planxty Planxty 2383 186
Polydor Rising force Malmsteen Yingwie 825 324
Polydor Sandy coast Sandy Coast 2480 060
Polydor Secret agent Corea Chick PD1-6176
Polydor Survivor Bachman Randy PD-1-6141
Polydor Taste Taste 184 214
Polydor The Bothy Band Bothy Band 2383 379
Polydor The friends of Mr. Cairo Anderson Jon & Vangelis 2302127
Polydor The history mix volume 1 Godley Kevin, Creme Lol 825 981
Polydor The leprechaun Corea Chick 2391 217
Polydor The three musicians Daddy longlegs 2371 261
Polydor Time Honoured Ghosts Barclay James Harvest 2383 361
Polydor Turn of the tide Barclay James Harvest 2383 608
Polydor Write on Hollies 2374 120
Polydor You’re the song I’ve always Thomas Timmy 2310 358
Polydor Zoot Money Money Zoot 2425 077
Polydor zygoat Zygoat 2383 270
Portrait Dog and butterfly Heart FR 35555
Private music Dream generator Alomar Carlos 2019-1
Private Stock Natural gas Natural Gas 1C062-97 884
Private stock Sweet soul music Feliciano José C064-98628
Probe Handle with care Various artists SPSS 1
Probe Hard labor Three Dog Night C062-95359
Probe Payne & pleasure Payne Freda 1C056–95 759
Prodigal Dancers, romancers, dreamers Quatro Michael C062-98008
Prodigal gettin’ ready Quatro Michael 1C 066-98 676
Pye Flashman Flashman Pye 20301
Pye Houdini Stray NSPL 18482
Pye Love and Kisses from.. Brotherhood of Man LDM.30303
Pye Places I know Cooper Mike SLDPY 819
Pye Spiders from mars Spiders from Mars NSPL 18479
Pye Storm the reality studio Dead fingers talk PYSE 5540
pye The rafters ring at abbey tavern Abbey tavern singers NPL 18127
Pye Touch me Enid NSPH 18593
Pye Wait for me Baldry Long John NSPL 18306
Qwest Steve Bargonetti Bargonetti Steve 1-25147
Rak First hit Arrows SRAK 521
RAK/EMI Classic Gurvitz Adrian 1A 064-64780
RAK/EMI Classic Gurvitz Adrian 1A 064-64780
Rare Earth One world Rare Earth 1C 062-91 996
Rare earth Sweet water Brass Monkey RS523
RCA A beautiful thing Laine Cleo SF 8298
RCA Aerie Denver John LSP 4607
RCA Ain’t gonna play second fiddle Gillespie Dana CPL1-0682
RCA Amen Bennet Lou Quartet 430.05
RCA An audience with McCalmans LSA 3179
RCA Beethoven:serenade in D Nicolet Aurèle ° New Israel Quartet LSB 4050
RCA Blowin’ Redding Noel Band APL1-1863
RCA Bodacious D.F. Bodacious APL1-0206
RCA Clonakilty cowboys Redding Noel Band APL1-1237
RCA Collected tales of Hooky Hooky SF 8247
RCA Cryer & Ford Cryer & Ford APL1-1235
rca Earth birth the firth 12 satring guitar suite Brrett Paul PL 25080
RCA eclipse Brett paul PL 25219
RCA Friar Friar PL 28337
RCA Gold plated Climax Blues Band BTM 1009
RCA Heaven and hell Vangelis RS 1026
RCA I’ll be there Fisher Matthew APL1 0325
RCA Journey’s end Fisher Matthew SF 8380
RCA Julos chante pour vous Beaucarne Julos 740 630
RCA Magical Ring Clannad RCALP6072
RCA no strings attached McCalmans L 25086
RCA Peacing it all together Lighthouse LPS 4325
RCA Play don’t worry Sainte-Marie Buffy APL1-0681
RCA Poetry in lotion Fumble SF 8403
RCA R’alboum! Zouc FPL1 0188
RCA rsvp Zulema APL1-1152
rca shortwaveband shortwaveband SF8400
RCA Sky Sky LSP-4457
RCA So long, Bannatyne Guess Who LPS 4574
RCA Solid gold cadillac Solid Gold Cadillac SF 8311
RCA Solilaï Bensusan Pierre PL 37642
RCA Son of Schmilsson Nilsson Harry LSP 4717
RCA Techno-prisoners Chapman Roger PL 71516
rca the visitor fleetwood mick 32078-8
rca the young matthew passion New London Chorale pl 70321
RCA Time passages Stewart Al PL-25173
RCA Typharet Zao PL 37121
RCA Unlock the gates Gypsy APL-1 0093
RCA WayneCarl WayneCarl SF 8239
RCA We may be cattle but we’ve all got names De Albuquerque Michael SF 8383
RCA White ladies Van der Linden Rick PPL 1-8125
RCA Wizard’s convention Wizard’s Convention PPL 1-8118
RCA Words on black plastic Forever More LSP-4425
RCA Zulema Zulema APL1-0819
RCA Victor Hair Original Broadway Cast lso-1150
Red Music Present time Zentner Michael MZ ONE
Red rag recording Enchanted lady Bully Wee RRR 007
rediffusion welsh folk Griffith’s mary ZS 131
Rediffusiond Where are you Clive Lewis Lewis Clive ZS87
reflection nativity Reflection rl304
reflection the present tense Reflection rl 301
reflectoin a folk passion twentieth century rl 305
Refuge Right from the Start Mc Farlane Will R 3789
Regal Zonophone EMI Day of the fox Design SLZR 1037
Reprise 12 songs Newman Randy 6373
Reprise All me own work Fame Georgie REP 44183
Reprise Bandstand Family K 54006
Reprise Chicago/19 Chicago 925 714
Reprise Electric Ladyland Hendrix Jimi 6307
Reprise Future games Fleetwood Mac K 44153
Reprise If you could read my mind Lightfoot Gordon 44091
Reprise Rainbow bridge Hendrix Jimi REP 54 004
Reprise Ry Cooder Cooder Ry RSLP 6402
Reprise Streetwalkers Chapman/Whitney REP 54017
Reprise Sundown Lightfoot Gordon REP 44258
Riverside Round midnight Montgomery Wes 673 009
Riviera Aranjuez Michel Jean-Christian 521.041
Riviera Crucifixus Michel Jean-Christian 521139
Riviera Musique sacrée Michel Jean-Christian 521 090
Riviera Musique sacrée Michel Jean-Christian 521 090
Riviera Musique sacrée Michel Jean-Christian 521.09
Riviera Requiem Michel Jean-Christian 521.029
Riviera Requiem Michel Jean-Christian 521.029
Riviera Sortilège de la flûte des Andes Santillan Facio RLP 16 017
Rocket Nigel Olsson Olsson Nigel ROLL 2
Rocket Record Another night time flight Blue Roll 7
Rocket Record Never even thought Blunstone Colin 9103 501
Rocket Record Planes Blunstone Colin C062-98755
Ron As he stands Geesin Ron 28
RSO British lions British Lions RS 1-3032
RSO Hows tricks Bruce Jack 2394 180
RSO Life in a tin can Bee Gees 2394 102
RSO RSO Prime ccuts Various artists 2479 147
RSO The last five years Grech Rick 2394 111
RSO Yvonne Elliman Elliman Yvonne 2394 149
rubber Hedgehog pie Hedgehog pie rub 09
rubber Taylor Allan Taylor Allan rub 040
rubber the travekker Taylor Allan rub 026
Saga 12 grandes études Chopin 5293
Saga 19 waltzes and 3 scottish Chopin STXID 5016
Saga Aïda Verdi 5263
Saga Archduke trio Beethoven XID 5226
Saga Bach harpsichord Recital Döhling Waldemar XID 5040
Saga Boris Godunov Mussorgsky XID 5174
Saga Carmen suites Bizet Georges FDY 2052
Saga Concerto n° 20, fugue in C m Mozart XID 5312
Saga Emperor Piano concerto Beethoven XID 5047
Saga Gavotte, Chacogne Segovia Andrès XID 5248
Saga Harpsichord concerto 1,6 Bach J.S. XID 5308
Saga Harpsichord concerto 2, 3 Bach J.S. XID 5310
Saga Harpsichord concerto 4,5,7 Bach J.S. XID 5309
saga his songs & his guitars Price Malcolm fid 2156
Saga Lisztomania Wilde David 5405
Saga Mass in B mnior Bach J.S. XID 5280/1
Saga Messiah vol 1 Handel XID 5111
Saga Messiah vol 2 Handel XID 5112
Saga Messiah vol 3 Handel XID 5113
Saga Pathétique Tchaikvsky XID 5002
Saga Piano concerto Schumann Robert/Franck César FDY 2044
Saga piano concerto n° 2 Chopin STFID 2034
Saga Piano concerto n° 26 Mozart Xid 5301
Saga piano conerto in A m Grieg XID 5027
Saga Rome and juliet Tchaikvsky 5077
Saga String quartets op 18 Beethoven 5288
Saga Swan lake Tchaikvsky 5004
Saga The harmonious harpsichord Sanger David 5384
Saga the new world symphony Dvorak 5048
Saga the trout Schubert XID 5123
Saga The unfinished Schubert FDY 2017
Saga The unfinished Schubert 5029
Saga The World’s Best Loved Piano Music Ferber Albert 5325
Saga trumpet concerto Haydn STXID 5241
Saga Water music Handel XID 5218
Saga Country style Tom & Smiley FID 2164
Sandra Big foot Toan Danny SMP 2105
Sandra Music Nightline New York Kühn Joachim Band SMP 2113
Saravah Brigitte Fontaine est… Fontaine Brigitte SH 10 001
Savoy-Musdisc Blues for night people Byrd Charlie 6030
Saydisc White on black White on Black SDL 251
seeds records Live in Montreux New Mayfair Blues Cats sr 101
Sentinel Devonshire cream & cider Taw Folk SENS 1030
Shanti Turkish Sugery dervishes Riley Terry 83501
Sibéria Monseigneur Monseigneur 30-685
Sire DMZ DMZ SRK 6051
Sire Novella Renaissance SA-7526
Sire Once again Barclay James Harvest SI 4904
Sire Sheherazade and other stories Renaissance SASD-7510
Sire Tightly knit Climax Blues Band SI 5903
Sire Turn of the cards Renaissance SAS-7502
Sky Records Clester & Eno Cluster & Eno Sky 010
Society Best loved songs of Bonnie Scotland Campbell Alex soc 936
Society out west with Campbell Alex soc 912
Society sings folk Campbell Alex soc 960
Solar Circus Aslan is not a tame lion narnia scr003
Solid Rock View from the bridge Howard Tom SRA 2003
Sonet George Thorogood and the Thorogood George & Destroyers SNTF 760
Sonet Tolonen Tolonen Jukka SNTF 652
Soul note And far away Drew Kenny Quartet SN 1081
Sound aspects Todos santos Horvitz Wayne, Morris Butch sas019
Sovereign Ashes are burning Renaissance ST-11216
Sovereign Prologue Renaissance SNA 7253
SPV Norwegian Wood R.A.M Pietsch 9.8806
Squawk Are you sitting comfortably IQ 836 429-1
Stax Black Moses Hayes Isaac 2369003/4
Stax Greatest hits Booker T & MGS 2325018
Steepl Chase My one and only love Urbaniak Michal SCS 1159
Steeplechase Two’s company Albany Joe &N-H Orsted-Pedersen SCS 1019
Storyville Portraits in Blues Vol. 10 Estes Sleepy John 671172
Sunflower Vintage dead Greateful Dead SUN 5001
Sunset Let’s dance with Davis Spencer Group SLS 50 141
Swan Song Detective Detective SS 59 405
Swan Song It takes one to know one Detective SS 8504
SweetFolk & Country far over the fell Adams Paul & Linda SFA 027
T.K Records It ain’t where you.. Latimore B. XL 14034
Tages Anzeiger Eine art suite in xIII teilen Vollenweider Andreas TLP 8001
Tamla Motown Get ready Rare Earth TSP 34096
Tamla Motown Stevie Wonder presents Wonder Syreeta 1C062-95 584
Teldec Power company Burdon Eric Band 6.25495 AP
Tetragrammaton The book of Taliesyn Deep Purple T 107
Threshold Every good boy deserves a favour Moody Blues THS 5
Threshold From mighty oaks Thomas Ray 6.22289 AS
Threshold The final swing Trapeze 6.22122 AS
Timeless Heavy duty Van den Broek Rob SJP 220
Topic A taste of hot pot Aspey Gary & Vera 12TS299
Topic From the north Aspey Gary & Vera 12TS255
topic welcome to our fair oak 12ts212
topics will ye gang, lvoe fisher artie 12ts277
Track Meaty beaty big & bouncy Who 2406 006
Tradition Country blues Hopkins Lightnin’ TLP 1035
Tradition Gentlemen of high renown Ripley Wayfarers TSR 18
Tradition The best of Lightnin’ Hopkins Hopkins Lightnin’ 2056
Trailer davenport bob & marsden rattlers davenport bob & marsden rattlers Ler 3008
Trailer horsemusic Nicholson Lea LER 3010
Trailer King Gooden Garbutt Vin ler 2102
Trailer Nonesuch for dulocimer Nicholson Roger LER 3034
Transatlantic A little bit of glory Cartwright Dave TRA 255
Transatlantic alex campbell sampler Campbell Alex tra sam 6
Transatlantic Another Monday Renbourn John TRA 149
Transatlantic Back country suite Allison Mose PR 791
Transatlantic ballads of booze Imlach hamisch XTRA 1094
Transatlantic Bert Jansch Jansch Bert TRA 125
Transatlantic Black Country Three Black Country Three TRA 140
Transatlantic Can I have my money back Rafferty Jerry Tra 241
Transatlantic Contraband Contraband TRA 278
Transatlantic Divisions on a ground Harvey Richard TRA 292
Transatlantic Divisions on a ground Harvey Richard TRA 292
Transatlantic Don’t let your family down Cartwright Dave TRA 284
Transatlantic Fantasies from a corner seat Andrews Harvey/Cooper Graham TRA 298
Transatlantic Galleries Young Tradition TRA 172
Transatlantic God bless the unemployed Nicholson Lea, Ellison Stan TRA 254
Transatlantic Gryphon Gryphon TRA 262
Transatlantic Head in the clouds James John TRA 305
Transatlantic Heads and tales Various artists TRA SAD 18
Transatlantic In London Vol.1 Mc Dowell Mississippi Fred TRA 194
Transatlantic It don’t bother me Jansch Bert TRA 132
Transatlantic live Imlach hamisch XTRA 1050
Transatlantic Mae McKenna McKenna Mae TRA 297
Transatlantic Mango rock Greyhound TRA 309
Transatlantic Midnight mushrumps Gryphon TRA 282
Transatlantic Murdered ballads Imlach hamisch XTRA 1131
Transatlantic Nice to be nice Nicol Watt XTRA 1122
Transatlantic Nicola Jansch Bert TRA 157
Transatlantic Raindance Gryphon TRA 302
Transatlantic Red queen to gryphon three Gryphon TRA 287
Transatlantic Rosemary Lane Jansch Bert TRA 235
Transatlantic smuggler McCalmans XTRA 1149
Transatlantic someday Andrews Harvey Tr 329
Transatlantic Suicide Stray TRA 233
Transatlantic Swarbrick 2 Swarbrick Dave TRA 341
Transatlantic tam o’shanter Campbell ian XTRA 1074
Transatlantic The bert Jansch sampler Jansch Bert TRASAM10
Transatlantic The contemporary guitar sampler Various artists TRASM 14
Transatlantic The Leadbelly set Leadbelly XTRAD 1017
Transatlantic Treading the boards Digance Richard TRA 306
Transatlantic Uphill all the way Unicorn TRA 238
Transatlantic Watcha Nicol Watt xtra 1108
Trema Great winds Cahen François 310 068
Trisket Spirit of the nation Wolfetones TRL 1006
Turnabout Lute and mandolin concerti Vivaldi Antonio TV 4153
UNI Second spring Matthew’s Southern Comfort 6369 600
United artists A new world record Electric Light Orchestra UA-LA 679
United artists Alan Price Price Alan JT-LA 809-G
United artists Back into the future Man UAD60053/4
United artists before the deluge Shusha UAS 29879
United artists Black diamond Groundhogs UAS 29994
United artists Brass construction Brass construction UA-LA 545
United artists Crosscut saw Groundhogs UAS 29917
United artists Demon Thor Fortman Tommy UAS 293931
United artists Gringo Gringo UA-LA 845 G
United artists Guilty Burdon Eric & Witherspoon Jimmy UAS 29251
United artists it’s been so long Spencer & peter Jameson UAS 29177
United artists Live at PadgetRooms Penarth Man USP 100
United artists Looking for a love again Womack Bobby UAS 29574
United artists Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly Various artists UAS 29108
United artists Rhinos, winos and lunatics Man UAS 29631
United artists Soon over Babaluma Can UAS 29673
United Nations All Star Festival Various artists DL 99500
Vanguard Cryin’ time Spann Otis VSD-6514
Vanguard Everything is everything Everything is everything VSD-6512
Vanguard Fire & Fleet & Candlelight Sainte-Marie Buffy VSD-79250
Vanguard Live at the village gate Corryell Larry VSD 6573
Vanguard Neverland revisited Circus Maximus VSD 79274
Vanguard The yellow princess Fahey John VSD 79293
Vanguard Wilweeds Willdweeds VSD-6552
VDE Bois d’Ebène Compagnons du Jourdain lp-30-126
Vedette 1969 monterey jazz festival Witherspoon Jimmy VDS 214
Vedette Whatever’s right Mack Lonnie VPA 8107
VeraBra Behind the gardens- Vollenweider Andreas 3
VeraBra Heavenly bodies Thompson Barbara’ Paraphernalia 15
VeraBra Mother earth Thompson Barbara’ Paraphernalia 5
VeraBra Pure Fantasy Thompson Barbara’ Paraphernalia 8
Vertigo Damburst Water 9286 575
Vertigo Dire Straits Dire Straits 6360 162
Vertigo Get your dog off me Beggars Opera 6360 090
Vertigo Half baked Campbell Jimmy 6360 010
Vertigo In concert Magna Carta 6360 068
Vertigo Live Status Quo 6641 580
vertigo never told a soul IIlsley john 822 239
Vertigo Piledriver Status Quo 6321 004
Vertigo Supervision FlameDream 6435 144
Vertigo The power and the glory Gentle Giant 9103 001
Vertigo City Boy City Boy 6360 126
View Rising Koral Rob, Chris Mills, Paul Rodgers VS 008
Vinyl Conversation piece 1, 2 Beck Gordon/Holdworth Allan/Cly VS 0010
Vinyl Touching on Stevens John VS 105
Virgin Below the belt Boxer V 2049
Virgin Boxed Oldfield Mike VBOX 1
Virgin Chez Moi Lagrange Valérie 203 861
Virgin Cyclone Tangerine Dream 25 843 XOT
Virgin Forever blowing bubbles Clearlight V 2039
Virgin Hatfield and the north Hatfield and the north VR 13-110
Virgin Henry cow Henry Cow 87738 IT
Virgin Hergest Ridge Oldfield Mike 88134 IT
Virgin Incantations Oldfield Mike 2676 716
Virgin Jabula Jabula 88 645 ET
Virgin Knights like this Blegvad Peter 207 187-620
Virgin Motivation radio Hillage Steve V 2777
Virgin Mystery girl Orbison Roy V 2576
Virgin Ommadawn Oldfield Mike 89552 XOT
Virgin Open Hillage Steve V 2135
Virgin Rotters ‘ club Hatfield and the north V 2030
Virgin Shamal Gong 27048 XOT
Virgin Star’s end Bedford David 88 488 IT
Virgin Stuck in gear Wray Link 27 266 IT
Virgin The odissey Bedford David V 2070
Virgin The orchestral tubular bells Oldfield Mike V 2026
Virgin Tubular bells Oldfield Mike 87 541 IT
Virgn Clearlight symphony Clearlight Symphony V 2029
Vogue Music evolution Various artists SLD. 750
Vogue Released Fardon Don LDVS17249
Vogue White snake Coverdale David LDA. 20257
Vogue/Roulette Cellophane Symphony James Tommy & Shondells LDVS 17167
Warner A song for all seasons Renaissance K 56460
Warner Adam Faith Faith Adam WB 56 054
Warner Annie in wonderland Haslam Annie K 56453
Warner another year Sayer Leo BS 2885
Warner Ascencion Malo BS 2769
warner Atlantic crossing Stewart Rod k 56151
Warner Azure d’or Renaissance K 56633
Warner Between today and yesterday Price Alan WB 56 032
Warner Cactus choir Greenslade K 56306
Warner Chair in the sky Mingus Dinasty 99081
Warner Common band Ides of March WB 46104
Warner Dancer with bruised knees Mc Garrigle Kate & Anna K 56356
Warner Dos Malo 56012
Warner Eldorado Electric Light Orchestra K 56090
Warner endless flight Sayer Leo BS 2962
Warner Headin’ home Wright Gary BSK 5244
Warner Home is in my head Lomax Jackie 46 091
Warner I feel for you Khan Chaka 925 162
Warner Last Waltz Band WB 66076
Warner Little criminals Newman Randy WB 56404
Warner Lydia Cold Blood BS 2806
Warner Maureen Mc Govern Mc Govern Maureen BSK 3327
Warner Moondance Morrison Van 46040
Warner Mr. Fathead Newman David WB 56 201
Warner Mud slide slim Taylor James 56004
Warner Music Williams Mason WS 1788
Warner Now and zen Plant Robert 790 863-1
Warner O Lucky man Price Alan WB 46227
Warner Road games Holdsworth Allan 92-3959-1
Warner Roger Voudouris Voudouris Roger WB 56 491
Warner Saint Dominic’s prview Morrison Van WB 46172
Warner Southern winds Muldaur Maria BSK 3162
Warner Spyglass guest Greenslade K 56055
Warner Stars Cher BS 2850
Warner Tap step Corea Chick WB 56801
Warner the best of Curved Air Curved Air K 36015
Warner The dream weaver Wright Gary BS 2868
Warner the dukes Dukes K 56710
Warner The funky entertainer Stiletti Olaf WB 56 073
Warner The light of smiles Wright Gary WB 56 278
Warner the slide area Cooder Ry wb k 56976
Warner Touch and gone Wright Gary WB 56 435
Warner Trouble in paradise Newman Randy 92 3755-1
Warner Veedon fleece Morrison Van WB 56 068
Warner Vehicle Ides of March WS 1863
Warner Voyeur Sanborn David WB 56 900
Warner Waiting for columbus Little Feat WB 66075
Warner You’re not alone Dion 44055
Warner Youngbloods Youngbloods WS 1878
WEA Chicago 16 Chicago K 99 235
WEA Foot loose & fancy free Stewart Rod RVLP 5
WEA/Hexagone Terre nouvelle Ar Bras Dan 883004
Westbound Let’s get together Detroit Emeralds WT 6101
Westwood Keep on pushing Orange Blossom WRS 038
Windfall Moutain West Leslie 4500
Windham Hill Autumn Winston George TA-C 1012
Windham Hill Conferring with the moon Ackermann William LP 371050
Windmill Rockin’ poppin’ ravin ‘ Shades of Green WMD 164
Windsong Le it be now Schneider Helen BXL1-2710
wolfen records Live at the grand café Juke lp 87149
World Records Safe in their homes Hoodoo Rythm Devils F-9522
World white In Europe Zappa Frank & Mothers of Invention WWA 13
WWA In a glass house Gentle Giant 6366 100
Xtra Watt I can’t stand another night Weisberg Steve 1
york records the story of mill reef hollier tim yr 503