On sale from December 15. The same day the first single (Simplon pass / I heard an angel) by Christian BALLIF’s MARCH available on your prefered platform



A mainly acoustic album, “DADGAD and another Voice” presents 13 titles including 6 original instrumentals. The voice of Marzia graces 6 compositions of mine on texts by William Wordsworth and William Blake and I used my few vocal cords on a version of “The way I feel inside” by the Zombies

I heard an angel

Simplon Pass

Mais l’eau dit

The smile

The tables turned

The solitary reaper

The tyger

Rien à rajouter


Eve aux lotions

The way I feel inside

Est-ce poire?

Heum ouah

The CD will be  out on December 15:
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17 Euros or 15 UK £ (Europe)
18 $ (Rest of the world)

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