LIZARD (March 1975 – January 1976). After the splits of PI and FEEDBACK we tried to merge the survivors without success. Michel Fehr founded BELIAL, Jean-Claude Terretta went abroad. Only Claude (Thorax) Chatelain stayed with us (Stéphane Borel, Serge Castiglione and me). We approached the ZED organist (Eric Steffen). He was not very comfortable with our difficult music. After a catastrophic performance at the Neuchâtel Jazz Festival we fired him and Philippe Borel came back behind the keyboards. I also started playing the keys (Fender Rhodes and ARP Odissey), GREENSLADE being a great influence on us at that time. Three concerts (Carouge, La Sarraz with Pascal Auberson and Crissier with MAGMA) and a festival (La Sarraz) were the only opportunities to play before Stéphane Borel left the group to attend the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, which meant the end of our trip.

A small hommage to Serge “McCast” Castiglione who left us in February 2023 Statues of the Universe (lyrics Serge Castiglione, Music Christian Ballif). Recorded live in November 1975 at Crissier
Statues of the Universe (edit)

Statues of the Universe (full version)